Haiti Day 2 - Learning the Area

I woke up, literally, to hundreds of roosters crowing in the middle of the night. After wrestling with my mosquito net, I fell back asleep and awoke later to a much better sound...children laughing.

I went for walk around Ranquitte with a 5yr old as my tour guide. We went to his friends' houses. Unbeknownst to me, there is a town center not far from where we walked but this was not on Dawins list of things to do (LOL!).

I came back and had a great Haitian breakfast of spaghetti, avocados, and boiled egg. My little companions joined me and we laughed until spaghetti was flying out of our mouths.

I then went on a hike with my host, Edelin Phillipe. He is only 29yrs old and has done more to help his town than I could imagine doing in a lifetime. He has learned four languages and with the help of a sponsoring church in Georgia, attended University in Port au Prince to learn International Diplomacy. Even when at University, Ranquitte never was far from his heart. He dreamt of making his town better for everyone in it. He is currently working with 38 women to develop businesses to sustain their families. He has organized a project with the church in Georgia to put roofs on homes for widows with children. As Edelin says, "You never know what these things will do in the future." He knows that giving children a roof to keep out disease and their mothers having jobs is not so much charity as building a future. He also spear-headed a project along with Peacework Medical and other organizations to provide clean drinking water after a recent cholera epidemic. He also acted as Peacework's in-country partner to build the clinic where I will be working tomorrow. If that wasn't keeping him busy enough, he plans to run for mayor next election. I'm in awe of his leadership and passion for his community.

Today I was also fortunate to meet Jean Francois who is a 24yr old man who wants to be a doctor. He brought a book to teach me medical Kreyol and I taught him the English equivalent term. He wants to return to Ranquitte after medical school and serve in his community. 

Day 2 Summary:
I learned so much about the people if Ranquitte and the community I am blessed to serve in. They are resilient, strong and dreaming of a better future.