Haiti Day 4 - Little Blessings

We started the day at a clinic in Delmas Area of Port-Au-Prince. It was a lot more relaxed with a good flow of patients and the sweetest little babies. There is something about seeing a child bouncing around in their mother's arms as she desperately tries to explain how sick they are that gives you the giggles. I've been there too many times myself. "I swear he was vomiting with a fever out in the waiting room..." It is a blessing that babies bounce back faster from illness than mothers. 

There was a few more cases that will worry me into the night. A woman with cold hands and a heart rate in the 120s. There were two women with sudden weight loss, weakness, cough, and reporting fevers that only come at night (CBC, rapid malaria test, HIV, and PPD ordered). I'll see them on Thursday to follow-up.

We saw 25 patients in the first clinic, went back to the house briefly for lunch and then proceeded to the next clinic back at the church. It was very busy. After 3.5 hours we saw another 35 patients. I won't lie, my sunny disposition was a bit spoiled by the end. I just wanted to not think anymore. We rode back tired and ready to collapse into bed. When we got back, however, I smelled something wonderful. My favorite Haitian-style oatmeal! It was the best comfort food ever. As we sat at the dinner table, we shared our favorite part of the day. I loved the babies. Sharon loved the morning clinic. Braden laughed and recalled a gentleman who came into the clinic for urinary pain. When we asked the patient if he had any sexual partners, he replied "No, but I have sex everyday." Oh boy...

Laughter, bouncing babies, comfort food. Even the toughest day can't shake those little blessings that keep us moving forward.