Haiti Day 5 - The One You Never Forget

A child that lives in one of the toughest places in Haiti needs a wheelchair. The boy came in carried by his mother but usually walks on his knees to get around. His crippled legs permanently bent and his knees swollen from his mode of ambulation, he charmed me with his broad smile instantly. He wasn't afraid of strangers, in fact he seemed to revel in his ability to draw you in. He came in to be evaluated to see if he could get an organization to donate a wheelchair. He and Braden laughed and made faces at each other while I measured his body, checked his range of motion, etc. His eyes seemed to dance even though his feet could not. I only spent 15 minutes with him but he stayed with me throughout the day. His joy was ever-present.

We managed to see over 50 patients today between two clinics. There were so many children, including some challenging pediatric cases. I will post the picture of the rash on one girl's legs. If any of you recognize it, please send me a message. She gets the rash around this time every year. It itches and is painful. 

There was also a 56yo woman with new onset breast pain. Thankfully, we were in a clinic where I could do a breast exam (the other clinic is an open room). She had a solid mass and was in a lot of pain. There was no redness, rash, warmth, fever, etc to suggest a more benign cause such as infection. Fortunately, mammograms can be done in Port-Au-Prince. I gave her an order to have one done. I saw the same fear in her eyes that I have seen in so many women through the years, including my dear friends. I could only hold her hand for a moment before the next patient came in.

We finished the day at the church clinic. In the past three days I've treated about 150 patients and some of our medications are running low but we will give everything we can until it's gone. I can't thank you all enough for providing me with the tools to help so many people. From gauze to ibuprofen, it's all being used.

Goodnight from Haiti...