Haiti Day 6 - Little Victories

I started the day on a hike with Edelin. He wanted to show me the progress on the home I had first seen last weekend (look at Day 1 photos). It now has most of the roof beams in place and the family even had a pot on a fire in a cinder block room which will someday be a kitchen. An old woman was sweeping the dirt around the house. Starting to make the structure into a home. 

On the way back, I realized I was keeping pace with Edelin with only minor effort. It was amazing to think that only one year ago I struggled to walk a mile.

When I returned, I had about 10 minutes to eat and hop on a motorcycle...with three other people. (I'm sure there is a joke there somewhere.) Four people on a moto on unpaved bumpy roads, it was terrifying and hilarious at the same time. By the time we reached the clinic, my legs were shaking and I was nearly hysterical laughing.

I saw 50 patients today in a very busy clinic. It started with a woman who was "about 8 months" pregnant (not sure) appearing for "cramps" that came and went over the past 1-2 days. No regular contractions. She had no other complaints. We discussed Braxton-Hicks versus early labor. I advised her to drink plenty of water (in the event of preterm?? labor from dehydration) and see her midwife ASAP. The baby seemed low and ready to go.

I saw a baby with croup. You never realize how you rely on modern conveniences like nebulizers, liquid prednisone, a refrigerator or hot steamy showers until you realize the sick baby in front of you has to tough out an illness or go to a hospital if it worsens because you don't have those conveniences.

I also saw a baby with chicken pox and a bacterial superinfection on the face. Poor little cutie was only 1.5 months old. Her mom had gotten chicken pox approx 1-2 weeks after giving birth. Despite the way it looks, the baby was as happy as can be.

On the way home, we all piled on the moto. We even passed another moto with four people on it. I guess it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Summing up Day 6: I felt capable of climbing mountains, taking risks and being the person we are all meant to be...happy.