Haiti Day 7 - The Kindness of Strangers

Today I don't have a lot to tell about the clinic but a little more about the Haitian people I've come to know. 

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning my stomach started hurting with wicked nausea. I tossed and turned but no sleep for me. I got up and got ready for the clinic but could barely eat my favorite Haitian oatmeal (think oatmeal mixed with warm tapioca pudding--awesome). I'm also a coffee addict and couldn't drink more than a few sips. My body was achy but I've been pushing through that my whole life so I thought I would be okay. I rode again on a moto with my compadres, one of which was also not feeling well with nausea. 

When I got to the clinic, the hours seemed to go so slow. I got shaky and was feeling quite ill by 12:00. The moto driver came to pick us up and I had to be sandwiched in between to stay up on the bike. When I got back, my host family gave me 7-Up and rubbed some type of oil on my arms and legs which relieved a lot of the pain. I took Tylenol and slept all afternoon. On occasion I would wake up to find one of Edelin's sisters checking on me. For dinner, they made me soup. Michael, my translator, was supposed to go his home in a nearby town but stayed to make sure I was alright. Edelin was out-of-town but called twice to make sure I had everything I needed. I thanked them all profusely, but the translator said "You left your home, your family, your job to take care of us, now we can take care of you." Kinder words have never been spoken. 

Summing up Day 7: In my vulnerability, I found the strength of those around me.