Haiti Day 5: Wonder Woman Pose

Last week at a conference, one of the speakers talked about taking on a "Wonder Woman" pose: head held high, fists on hips and look confident. The suggestion was to take on a Wonder Woman pose when you want to feel strong. I was still feeling a little under the weather this morning, so every once in awhile Kettlie would catch my eye and we would do the Wonder Woman pose. It was just what I needed to get through the day. We managed to see 100 patients in about 4 hours. Randy had the brunt of the difficult patients -- sorry Randy :) 

Randy, an emergency medicine PA and firefighter, managed to scrape together enough materials to suture a laceration on a boy's face right next to his left eye. It's a miracle the boy didn't damage or lose his eye entirely. The boy wouldn't give a lot of history but said he "got caught on a fence". The top of walls surrounding gated homes are covered in razor wire and glass shards. Throughout the procedure the boy held still and didn't utter a peep. He will be seen briefly on Saturday to have his sutures removed and Steri-strips applied. Unfortunately, there are no vaccines available at the clinic to give him a tetanus shot.

We really had such sweet people come in to the clinic today. I have included some pictures of our "favorites". The most common complaints were hypertension, acid reflux, joint pain, upper respiratory infections ("Grip") and anemia. At the end of the day we had a cute little visitor who brought us smiles galore. His name is Odia and he is as precocious and sweet as a child can be. You have to see his pictures! 

So, although the day was physically demanding, the positive energy of my colleagues and patients helped me stay strong and...hold that Wonder Woman pose a little longer.

Wishing everyone a "Wonder"-ful day from Haiti!